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DNA GTx Bioinformatics, part of the DNA GTx Group of companies. With extensive experience and well developed bioinformatics know-how, DNA GTx delivers high-quality, precise and personalised multi-omics data.

We provide computational analyses of genome, metagenome, transcriptome and proteome data. We also offer consulting services, customized services and software development.

DNA GTx commits to strong ethics and industry standards for promoting health and life, fostering food , and protecting environmental ecosystems.

Tools and Analyzes

We offer analyses and tools that serve different areas of bioinformatics, such as genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metagenomics.

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Custom Services

We offer customized solutions for your bioinformatics problems. Our multidisciplinary team is experienced and qualified.

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Do not know where to start? In addition to developing solutions for bioinformatics problems, we can also help you develop your project.

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Featured Tools

We develop tools that aim to improve the manipulation, integration and presentation of biological data.


DNA GTx Pipeline

DNA GTx Proteo

Some of our clients

Orygen Biotecnologia
Idengene Medicina Diagnóstica

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DNA GTx Bioinformatics offers a wide range of services and tools.
We also have qualified and experienced professionals.